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Open practices will start after State Cup.  Click Contact for more information.  

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Warriors 2018 graduates who signed on Feb 7, 2018 to play college soccer next year.

Cameryn Covington - Oklahoma Christian University
Naomi Reagan - Oklahoma Christian University
Denise Bennett - Oklahoma Christian University 
Natalie Thomas - Oklahoma Christian University

Delaney Stewart - Southern Nazarene University

Kayla Davis - Southern Nazarene University
Emily Palmore - Southern Nazarene University
Micaela Owen - Southern Nazarene University

Amber Crews - Texas A&M University at Commerce
Chloe Rodriguez - University of Houston at Victoria 
Lexie Perez - Southern Nazarene University
Ashley Brown - Southern Nazarene University

All 99 Warriors have received soccer scholarship offers!  Many with multiple scholarship offers are still deciding where to play which is why they have not signed. 

7 colleges have stated that they will take every uncommitted player on the Warriors.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Warriors 2017 graduates who signed on Feb 1, 2017 to play college soccer next year.

Morgan Wessling - Oklahoma State University
Arianna Owens - Texas A&M University
Z Kante - Brown University - Ivy League
Chanie Scrivner - Oklahoma Christian University
Jenny Soto - Oklahoma Christian University
Myah Buhler - Oklahoma Christian University
Addy Gibbs - Oklahoma Christian University
Lexi Lane - Oklahoma Christian University 
Tori Martin - University of Texas at Dallas

Welcome to the Warriors Soccer website.  For the 2018-19 soccer year we will have one girls teams; 02/03G (2020-21 Graduates Only).  Feel free to browse around and check us out.   Click on the 
Contact Us link to learn more about the Warriors.

Warriors Soccer is different in that we want to honor God with everything we do and say, on the field and off.  We are a Christian group who wants to use soccer as a way to build a positive environment for our daughters to grow up in.  We call it The Warrior Family, and it truly feels like one big happy family.  We have over 41 families in our club and they all support one another.  I feel blessed to be a part of Warriors Soccer, and I believe you will feel the same way if you become part of it.  -- Coach Bill

         02 Warriors 2017 Summer Splash Champions

    02 Warriors 2017 Coached by Shannon Boxx at OC Summer Invitational in Southern California

98 Warriors 2017 New York City Showcase Champions

    98 Warriors 2017 Lake Highlands League Champions

       02/03 Warriors Training with Shannon Boxx

            98/99 Warriors Training with Shannon Boxx

The Warriors receive additional coaching and instruction from top college coaches plus current and former professional soccer players, including 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Shannon Boxx.  
Warriors Soccer host Baylor University Soccer Co-Head Coaches, Paul and Marci Jobson, at Coach Bill's House.

Warriors Soccer host Texas A&M's Soccer Head Coach, G Guerrieri, at a training session at Coach Bill's House

Warriors Soccer host TCU Women's Head Coach, Eric Bell, for a training session at Coach Bill's House

Starting line up for 2012 Olympic Gold Medal game, including 3 players who have relationships with the Warriors.  (Shannon Boxx, Lauren Holiday, Megan Rapinoe)

Megan Rapinoe attends Warriors game film session at Coach Bill's House

Megan Rapinoe and Sydney Leroux hang out with The Warriors at Coach Bill's house.

Shannon Boxx provides Warriors only training at Liberty Christian.

Sydney Leroux and Megan Rapinoe speak to the Warriors at Coach Bill's house.

Hope Solo visits with The Warriors in Canada

2012 U.S. Women's National Team defeats Japan to win Olympic Gold

Shannon Boxx and Lauren Cheney visit with the Warriors.

The Warriors Soccer Club would like to thank US Women's National Team members, Shannon Boxx and Lauren Cheney (click on their name for their bio) for their private speaking engagement at Coach Bill's house.  The Warrior Family will never forget their inspiring stories about how they became professional soccer players.  Our girls now know that they CAN have a future playing soccer, and even get paid to play the game that they love.  We held Warrior Family watch parties at Coach Bill's house, pulling for Shannon and Lauren, and their teammates, while they were representing our country in the Olympics.  We were all so proud to watch them receive their gold medals, after defeating Japan.  The Warriors were honored when Shannon Boxx and Lauren Cheney brought their gold medals to Coach Bill's house, and allowed The Warriors to hold the medals for pictures.  Thank you both for inspiring our girls to follow their dreams!

The Warrior Family spends a lot of time together building their relationships on and off the field.  Opportunities have been provided to travel together across the country and internationally to watch college and professional soccer games.  One of our trips was to Vancouver Canada to watch Shannon Boxx, Lauren Cheney, Hope Solo, and their teammates play in the qualifying tournament for the 2012 Summer Olympics.  While we were in Canada, we attended the "US Women's National Team" practice, where we had the opportunity to speak with Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, and several other "US WNT" players.  We even appear in one of their promotional videos!  Click the link below to watch us on YOUTUBE.  You will see us 4 minutes into the video called "Behind the Crest ". 

Click Play Button
Sydney Leroux speaks about the importance of building good relationships with your teammates. 
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