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Why We Are Different

Our soccer is different in that we want to honor God with everything we do and say, on the field and off.  This club is built around a great core group of girls with Christian values. The club's success on the field is built by utilizing discipline, teamwork, and hustle.  Off the field, we use soccer as a way to build positive and encouraging relationships with teammates and their families.

The 99 Warriors have been together since the Fall of 2008.  Beginning as a recreational team in GLASA, the core of this team has continued to improve as soccer players and build life long friendships that will carry them well beyond their soccer careers.  They have won many tournament and league championships together, and many of them have made their varsity high school teams as freshmen. 

In January 2012, at the request of his youngest daughter, Bill started the 03 Warriors Soccer team.  Coach Bill had the idea to create a mentoring system between the teams. The 99 girls have embraced the Big Sis role to the 03 girls, which they love.  The Big Sisters teach the Little Sisters how to play like Warriors!

In their first season playing together the 03 Warriors were 7-0 in league play scoring 48 goals for and only 1 goal against!  Then the team made it to the championship game in their first Summer indoor season scoring 101 goals.  In just their second competitive season, the 03 Warriors finished second in EAL and made the finals for the 2013 AFC Summer Classic.  In their first Select season, the team qualified for D1 Lake Highlands Girls Classic League (LHGCL).  This completes a transformation from the team playing in the YMCA in May 2012 to reaching Division 1 LHGCL in August 2013.  Considering the majority of the team at one time was about to quit "big club" academy soccer, out of soccer or playing only recreational soccer this is an amazing accomplishment.  

The teams have continued over the years exceeding expectations and surprising the NTX soccer community.  The 98 team (now 99 team) was rank #1 in North Texas by GotSoccer and the 02 team continues to climb in the ranking reach #6.  

The senior girls have all received college scholorship  offers to play at the next level and the same is expected for the 02 team as they chase their dreams.  

The teams continue to grow together on and off the field  with swim parties, sleep overs, dinner after games, and traveling together for tournaments and occasionally to watch the U.S. Women's National Team.  The girls truly love each other off the field, so they play hard for each other on the field.  Nobody wants to let their teammates down.  

Here is what the parents and players are saying about Warriors Soccer

The Warriors have been a fantastic experience for our family.  We have been doing the "big club" scene for years, for various reasons ("quality," recognition, big stages, prestige and all the things big clubs tell you), and simply we just burned out.  Traditionally, a smaller club means a trade off in one form or another - but not with this club.  The training is exceptional, level of play is better than many of the "big clubs" we have experienced and the attention and care we receive from Coach Bill and Ray is beyond our expectations. Instead of being a number and cash cow to a large club, these Warriors aren't in it for the money, they are truly looking to make a difference in these girls and families lives - and that's just not on the field, but also off it. Go Warriors!   -- Quote by 02 parent (2018)

The Warriors family has been nothing but a blessing to my daughter and our family.  My daughter has been lucky enough to be one of the original '02 Warriors, so we feel like this is truly our soccer family.  The coaches give selflessly of their time, spirit, and hearts to each and every girl on this team.  They make sure that the girls are given opportunities on and off of the field to build relationships and trust.  This is apparent when watching them play on the field.  The importance placed on prayer before and after games to thank God for the opportunity to play and express thankfulness is incredible.  We will be forever grateful that the Warriors family will always be a part of my daughter's history and memories.  -- Quote by 02 parent (2018)

Quote by 02 player (2018)

The Warriors have made a very good impact on my life, not only have they helped me become a better player, with the help of Coach Bill, Coach Ray and my team mates, I’ve become a better person. Thank you.

Quote by 02 parents (2018)
We are still not sure why we were fortunate enough to join the Warrior family, but we are very thankful we did, and feel truly blessed to amongst such wonderful, kind and caring human beings. The commitment, dedication and love that coach Bill & coach Ray have shown our daughter and the whole team is beyond any thing we have experienced and could have asked for… we thank you for this and the opportunities you are creating for the team, and the positive impact this is having on our daughters life.

Being a parent of a young soccer athlete in the D/FW area comes with its challenges.  Club vs. High School soccer?  Both?  Large club or Independent?  Will she get along with the other girls?  What about the balance of her schoolwork?   All of these questions and many more plague each and every parent of a young soccer athlete.  What we believe we’ve found with the Warriors is the right answer to all those questions.  A perfect balance of being part of a spiritually satisfying family atmosphere with the discipline/instruction to provide our daughter the ability to hone her skills as she preps to possibly continue her soccer at the next level.  We’ve tried a number of different clubs and even started with the Warriors many years ago.  There’s something to be said for “Coming Home”….and we’re very glad we made that choice. - 02 Warriors Parent (2018)

Love, Love, Love this team!!! Our daughter has been with Coach Bill and Coach Ray since June 2012.  We absolutely love her coaches, her teammates, and their families.
We are amazed by the opportunities she has been given, thankful for the friendships we have made, and blessed to have found a team that does it all for Our Heavenly Father." -- Quote by 02 parent (2018)

Great team, great coaches and great families.  I wouldn't want my daughter to play anywhere else. - 02 Warriors Parent (2018)

"Thank you Bill for not giving up on my girl. I sit and think all the time what can I do to show Bill how much I/we appreciate all he has done? I'm not sure there is anything but I will keep thinking. And I hope I will come up with something one day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do all of the time!" - Quote by 99 parent (2017)

My first year as part of the Warrior family can be summarized by a quote from Simon Sinek "the true price of leadership is the willingness to place the needs of others above your own. Great leaders truly care about those they are privileged to lead and understand that the true cost of the leadership privilege comes at the expense of self-interest" Coach Bill has encompassed that with our girls on and off the field. Our girls had the honor of training with a 3-time  Olympic gold medalist and reigning World Cup Champion!  She even traveled with us and coached the team in a tournament in California!  Coach Bill will prepare your child for the next level, and all he asks for is dedication and drive.  Coming off a major injury Coach Bill was able to get my child not just physically, but mentally ready for the next level.  As Warriors we pray together , play  together , we build champions together!  Come see for yourself!!" - Quote by 99 parent (2017)

"I know I have already spouted to everyone who will listen that I love daughter’s soccer team (The Warriors). I love the coaches, the families, the sweet talented girls, and everything in between. Christ is involved in every practice and every game. Yesterday I took her to watch four of the girls commit to colleges for National Signing Day. She was so excited and happy to see girls she loved be recognized for their talent and accomplishments. The Warriors have 8 seniors signed and 5 more girls have offers. When you have time, check out the Warriors.  I am more than happy to talk to anybody about our experience with the team. I think I have one of the best stories about how divine intervention brought us to the team. Just contact the coaches through the website with inquires. My daughter is in the 8th grade and Coach Bill is already getting her ready for college recruiting!  Girls 99/00, and 02 teams  (Five of the girls who signed on the top row. I've never been to a Signing Day before, it was so exciting!)
Feel free to share this post to anyone who may be interested!" --  
Quote by an 03 parent (2017)

"What an amazing week for God to boldly make his presence known. The leap of faith that families took on a little Independent Soccer Club that big clubs said would go no where.....has been life changing.  This week the Warriors celebrated with 8 ladies on National Signing Day & we have more ladies committing soon.  Talking with my daughter about this week she had the coolest statement:
"Mom, it feels so good to be a Warrior. I've always seen that Coach Bill puts us girls before his own needs. He does what he says he will do & that makes me happy to play for him. I can't wait until my signing day"#proudwarriormomma" (2017)

"It has been one of the very best experiences of my life being associated with the Warriors. They have uplifted encouraged and risen to be shining stars among all soccer teams. What wonderful coaching and what spectacular people. It is an honor to be your Granny B.."   
From a Warriors Grandma (2017)

"As I look back over 2013 I think of many things that I am thankful for, our health, safety and security.  But also high on that list is our Warrior Family. 

This past year I have seen Warrior parents pull my daughter aside to comfort her when they think she's feeling down or to praise her on how well she did in practice or a game.  I've received texts and calls to check in when one of us is not feeling well.  But it goes even beyond all of this. 

It's the support, Christian values and caring that exists each and every day, in every encounter with our Warrior family.  It truly warms my heart to know that I have other parents looking out for our daughter;  or when I see a team member hurting how all the other girls on the team rally to her side for support.  It makes me smile when I see our girls speak up for what is right and defend each other in sometimes difficult situations.  Through all of this, I know that the core reasons we built this team still exist and the bonds being built will be ones with long term positive effects on our girls and our families.

In closing, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for all you do for our girls and for the support that you provide our family.  We wish you all a very Happy New Year!  God Bless," -- Quote by an 03 Warrior parent. (2013)

"What an amazing surprise from our Warrior Soccer coach and his family today!  For being an independent team, nothing can compare to his heart, talent, sincere care, ministry and love Coach Bill and his wife give to  their three teams.  Not only on the practice field and game times, its all the behind the scenes efforts, learning, researching, watching hours of Warriors game films, giving, and TIME that is spent on each of these teams and families that he treats AS family.  And today he surprised all of us yet again with setting up and bringing Sydney Leroux and Megan Rapinoe from the USWNT to meet and chat with our girls - WOW! Experience of a lifetime!  Overwhelmed and extremely grateful!  Love our WARRIOR Coach and families!" (2014)
A quote by a new 03 Warrior.
"I really like playing for Coach Bill.  He is showing me how important soccer is and how important the Lord is in my life."
Quote by 99 Warrior
 "Thank you for inviting me to join The Warriors.  These girls are more than just my soccer team, they are my family!"

Quote by 99 Warrior
"These girls will be in my wedding some day"

Quote by 99 Warrior
"Coach Bill, Thank you so much for everything.  I will never, ever forget the trips you take us on, and all the fun memories made.  I'm so grateful that our team is this close and we owe that to you!  I'm so glad I joined this team, I could never get all the opportunities that you make possible playing for any other team."

Quote by 03 Warrior parent
"I've never seen my daughter this passionate about anything...Thank you so much for all you do as coaches! It's unreal how motivating you have been for my daughter and how dedicated you are to the girls!  I feel blessed, as a mom, that she is able to be a part of such a wonderful extended Warrior Family. Thank you!"

Quote by 03 Warrior parent
"Coaches, I think you guys have done a great job with these girls, in helping mold them into young Christian women and champions...in areas that I may lack in, you guys help with what you have been instilling in these girls AND parents included, have been filling that gap.  Thank you!"

A quote from a tournament director  
"I wanted to let you know my staff and I are very impressed with what you created and what you are doing with Warriors Soccer.  Your moral compass and the direction you are taking the club is very impressive..."

Warrior quotes from our trip to Phoenix to see the US Women's National Team.  This is why we do what we do.

"My daughter thought she had the best roommates and had a blast!  She loves her team and these trips have really helped her to make great Christian friends."

When I asked my 99 daughter about the Warriors Phoenix trip and playing for the Warriors her response:  "I am having the time of my life!"

(Coach Bill) "Thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet my heroes on the U.S. Women's National Team.  It will be something I always remember." 

What did my 03 say about the Phoenix trip with the Warriors?  Only "that was the best time of my whole life!"

Prayer before and after each game and practice is an important element of the Warriors culture.

03 Warriors game time prayer

99 Warriors post-game time prayer

99 Warriors game time cheer

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